Sunday, November 05, 2006

Faster than a speeding bullet

It wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately I don't come from Krypton, so I have to do things at the same speed as all other humans on this planet. Well, I could say even slower, 'cause I've never been a speedster.
So, during this last week, I just had to:
  • work for the System Design Class project
  • start thinking about a new internet site for a commission
  • keep on studying a new logo for a new company
  • collect informations and contacts to organize a workshop in Politecnico
  • eat something (possibly gluten free, cause I've coeliac desease :-)
  • sometime sleep and dream

The good side is that I can't get bored easy. The bad one is that I have not much time to draw new stuff.

Anyway this is a pencilling study for a Superman pin-up. It's a present for my friend Righi, who was in London with me this summer.

Righi is a lucky, little b#§t#rd, cause he's in Lucca with his girlfriend now. The best italian comic convention takes place there this weekend.

I guess he'll be back with a lot of Jim Lee and Simone Bianchi stuff.

My envy is upon YOU, Righi!!!! :-D


Stefano Gallagher said...

Mi sa che hai ragione. Mi converrà piazzare una bomba carta sotto casa di Zia Edvige?!

DaNi said...

No: basterebbe farle mangiare la sua torte. Con un collo per le oche, di quelli che si usano per imbottirle...

Vittorio said...

Sono tristissimo perchè son senza adsl, per un paio di settimane credo...comunque appena torno operativo ti linko e sistemo tutto.
Sei stato a Lucca?? Ci sarei voluto essere anch'io...hai beccato qualcuno?
Spero solo che con i soldi che ho risparmiato standomene a casa sia un po' più vicina la possibilità di andare a San Diego quest'estate...

and other drawn stuff said...

I know exactly what you mean.
Working long days doesn't leave enough time for drawing.
Too bad you can't go to the convention.
Our "cons" here suck big time. Only local people who draw kinda funny kinda not so funny stuff, lots of flea marked kind of stands and everything is in a school's gym.

Hope your friend liked the drawing as much as I do.
Thanks for linking me.
I linkend you too.
And about the Sorceress and the Gi Joe chick.
Both of them are in the works.
Be patient =)

Stefano Gallagher said...

Uao canzoni strappalacrime tipo? Always di Bon Jovi? O si trascende nel trash tipo A chi mi dice Blue ft. Tiziano Ferro??
Non ho mai capito cosa significhi davvero bugia nen...sigh..

Alina Chau said...

Nice drawings!