Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Enjoy the Silence...

(Ehy! What's that mess with the trench coat? Cos'è quel casino con l'impermeabile?)

(Now it's better... Molto meglio così)

My throat hasn’t made me very happy recently. It’s 3 days since I lost my voice after Winter Univerisade party. Now I’m healing, but I spent hours with my speech sounding like Hush

It’s probably a way to say less bullshit than usual…

Anyway, I’d like to support Andy Diggle 's last post on Eagle Awords 2006. For those that do not know, it’s a british award about comics pro.
I would be happy to see Tom Frame’s name on the roll of honour. He was a great letterist. Sometime people doesn’t pay attention about the lettering, maybe distracted by drawing or story. But it’s a very important part of a comic-book, since it’s the only way we have to suggest the voice of our characters. Lettering has grown during years, becoming a real designing job. Just consider ballons of characters like Spawn, Iron-man or Martian Manhunter and you’ll understand what I mean…
Oh, please, just vote for Dylan Dog as best European Comic-book. It has reached its 20 years since first issue and it’s one of the best Italian comic ever!

La mia gola sta facendo brutti scherzi. È da tre giorni che sono senza voce, dopo la notte bianca della fine dell’Universiade. Adesso va leggermente meglio, ma ho passato ore a parlare con la stessa voce di Hush…

Il vantaggio per chi mi è stato attorno è che mi ha sentito dire meno cazzate del solito…

Ad ogni modo, vorrei unirmi all’appello che lo scrittore Andy Diggle ha fatto sul suo blog, circa l’Eagle Awards 2006. Per quelli che non lo sanno, si tratta di un premio inglese dato ai professionisti del fumetto.
Mi piacerebbe vedere il nome di Tom Frame sul roll of honour. Tom è stato un grande “letterist” ed è morto pochi mesi fa. Spesso chi legge un fumetto non si sofferma sul lettering, distratto dai disegni e dalla storia. In realtà è importantissimo, perché è l’unico modo per attribuire “il sonoro” alla storia. Con l’uso del computer il lettering è cresciuto sempre di più, diventando un lavoro da veri graphic designer. Se pensate ai ballon di personaggi come Spawn, Iron-Man e Martian Manhunter, potete capire cosa intendo…
Inoltre non dimenticatevi di votare Dylan Dog come migliore fumetto europeo. Ormai il caro Dylan esiste da 20 anni ed è un vero cult! Facciamo sentire la nostra voce di Italiani!!!

The Eagle Awards 2006 - Nomination Form
(my nominations)

  • Fav writer JEPH LOEB

  • Fav writer/artist JIM LEE

  • Fav penciller STEVE MCNIVEN

  • Fav inker SANDRA HOPE

  • Fav painter LEE BERMEJO

  • Fav clourist ALEX SINCLAIR

  • Fav letterer TOM FRAME

  • Fav publisher DC

  • Fav american color comic book GREEN LANTERN

  • Fav new comic book CIVIL WAR

  • Fav manga NARUTO

  • Fav European Comic DYLAN DOG

  • Fav 2006 story CIVIL WAR

  • Fav 2006 cover SUPERMAN/BATMAN #30

  • Fav 2006 graphic novel PRIDE OF BAGHDAD

  • Fav reprint ABSOLUTE HUSH

  • Fav character BATMAN

  • Fav villain IRON MAN

  • Fav comic-magazine WIZARD

  • Fav comic-related book THE PHYSICS OF SUPERHEROES

  • Fav comic based movie or TV BATMAN BEGINS

  • Fav comic-related site NEWSARAMA

  • Roll of honour TOM FRAME

See You Silent Cowboy...

(wow! beyond 2000 visits! Oltre le 2000 visite!)


DaNi said...

Tutto ok, fino alla voce: FAV MANGA: NARUTO...
A pensarci bene, però, ci ha ispirato una cosa, il piccoletto, vero Fabri? ;)

Non conosco bene il fumetto, ma mi piace molto questo Hush...

Fabrizio said...

Naruto perchè il migliore tra quelli publicati in GB nel 2006.
Hush è uno dei peggiori cattivi di Batman, a cui è intitolata una serie del 2003 che ha venduto una caterva di copie, disegnata ovviamente da Jim Lee...

Stefano Gallagher said...

Fisica tecnica! Statica! AAAAAAAAAArghhh, se tutto va bene la cosa più simile alla matematica che dovrei fare all'università è un esame di economia a mia scelta. A mia scelta = cercherò quello con meno numeri possibili, tipo marketing.
A essere sinceri, ho ancora difficoltà con le divisioni.

roberta82 said...

E' simpatico il tuo blog....devo leggermelo tutto con più calma, perchè per adesso mi piace!

gabrybabelle said...

Ciao Fabry,ho letto le tue nominations,da amante della pittura non poso non esserelo anche del disegno,anche se capisco che il disegno fumettistico ha tutto un "suo gergo"ma ad ogni modo questo è bello,inqietante ma bello ma nella tu alista non c'è posto per una autonominations?Votro' per Dylang Dog....perchè mi piace e non conosco bene gli altri;)gabrybabelle

CoralPoetry said...

Fabrizio said...

"Your poetry deserves always a visit. I like the unusual point of view you create. It's just too common to read about flowers, sun, love, while you make people think."

No, “Fabrizio” you are wrong! You have been reading too many Hallmark Greetings Cards and not enough literature, such as Shakespeare and Auden, WCW, and William Blake. Try a library.

Human life is about killing and torture, cancer and avarice, conceit, starvation and slaughter. Read any newspaper, any day will do.

Poetry is about fantasy and this poet (with hammer and tong) is no different from most poets. HE writes from HIS cosy, sheltered, mahogany desk in his luxurious, air-conditioned cabin, well fed, money a-plenty, but suffering from a surplus supply of boredom.



ehehe Fabry...stò guardando Matrix...

CoralPoetry said...


With Hammer and Tong =

This person spends most of his time lazing around in Hawaii. Most of his poetry is most excellent BUT

Some went
Krappity Krap
most went
Klappity Klap Klappity Klap Klappity Klap
But she went
Yackety Yack Yackety Yack Yackety Yack
Then just went

Klippety Klop Klippety Klop Klippety Klop.

The wordshaper = with hammer and tong = Kardiac = heartstarter = BlueTatoo = Tammy Peaden = C. Chafin = D.Halsky = J. Connway = Allie = John Body = Wil Howe = Joan Macornack

No shortage of respondents to his poetry,which is annoying to most other (decent) poets.


Vittorio said...

Bella Fabrì!
A me a ieri ancora non è arrivato nulla, dannate Poste del ca... ma cosa c'era dentro..?
E a proposito di lettering, avresti mica dei font decenti da usare per il photoshop..? Quelli di default per un fumetto fanno pena...

Laura said...

Mi piace lo stile del tuo blog :p complimentoni!!!

buona giornata...


Caro Fabry ...io ho fatto analisi 1, analisi 2, fisica tecnica ed impianti, statica , scienze delle costruzioni , tecnica delle costruzioni etccccccc....
a parte tutto hai letto questa?????'
pazzesco sono le scuse del grande Silvio

Marriage Italian Style
Silvio Berlusconi delivers an alternative apology to his vexed wife

Cara Veronica, Very distressing to see your letter on the front page of La Repubblica newspaper today, saying how you found a harmless flirtatious quip I made at a gala dinner to my party colleague, Mara Carfagna (age 31), “damaging” to your “dignity”.

Madonna mia! Just because I tell a young, beautiful female politician whose naked torso can be glimpsed on various internet sites that “if I weren’t already married I would marry you right away”, does that mean I would stray from your side? No! Nor does it mean that I am a chauvinist who demeans or belittles women. Indeed, in many ways I was happy to read your open letter. Because by outlining your grievances, your letter gives me an opportunity to demonstrate to you that I am a husband who is man enough to sit down, examine your concerns, point by point, and acknowledge exactly where you are wrong.

I talk molto, but I do niente (that’s my political training at work!). Compared with many politicians I am a paragon. Look at French presidents! Look at Bill Clinton (also look at Monica Lewinsky!). Look at John Major and Edwina Currie! Did Jackie Kennedy write a letter to The Washington Post when her husband was busy in other beds?

And when I once joked that the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, is “so good-looking I’m even thinking of introducing him to my wife”, do you think I meant it? Where would Italy be if the people began believing politicians?

So how can we repair our marriage? A politician’s life is busy. But how about we make time to go out to dinner twice a week — you go Tuesdays, I’ll go Fridays (just a little joke, my love!)

Your ever-loving husband, Silvio.

Fabrizio said...

Bellissima Paparaz!!!

Hope that people in US and rest of Europe will understand the irony but above all the real jelly of being under Silvio's gevernment for 5 YEARS!!!

You're great Paparaz!!!

Anonymous said...

wow! the universe never ceases to amaze me. I have Italy on my mind for months. Glad to run across your name in comments and finally find an Italian blogging in english...
and that you have a holocust topic posted.
I think you have inspired me to write out my thoughts now. I hope you come to read and add some Italian input to
the comments.
Italys role in WWII history is overlooked entirely here in the U.S. .... maybe in all the world.

gabrybabelle said...

Ciao fabry,sono passata questa mattina,ma ilserwer di blogger era"soo busy..sorry"hi.hi.hi. per ringraziarti "dell'intervista"l'ho passata dritta dritta alla mia comunita' web
(aiuto gestore) paperiinfiamme....
cosi visto che la discussione era accesa ,ci simao fatti certamente 4 risate!anche perchè ...dopo cio' che è successo nelle reti tv ieri sera...phuaaaaa,sta diventando na' soap melensa..phuaaaa!saluti gabrybabelle

CoralPoetry said...


I have a problem with posting replies at my blog, but I shall do so when blogger allow that function.

Fabrizio said...

Hammer and Tong is probably a well-fed bored guy, but he has the right of writing on his blog. And even wright bad stuff, 'cause everybody needs time and experience to grow a style. So, it's good for him, because he's trying and this draw a line in the sand between those that don't even think about it. As far as I'm concerned, I like his strange techno-gothic-style. It reminds me of Baudelaire and Rimbaud. It's strange: a different view. But I also read other people's stuff. You're right. I don't like what you read in newspapers everyday. But this has consequences on people. Sometime they fly, sometime they face it the way they can. I appreciated your way to make me see beyond the repetitions of the same themes in many blogs. Losing identity has nothing in common with creativity...


There is nothing techno-gothic about a retired, obese, slipper shod person using different identities and getting his jollies by thinking that the degradation and derision of women and children is a very clever thing to do. Women and children are his only line of attack. That is NOT creativity.

Yes, I agree he should remain at his own blog, but he DOESN'T. He calls
women whores at many different websites and has done so for at least 10 years. He makes requests for single moms to submit their manuscripts (which he subsequently regurgitates elsewhere) about their family life, hoping that these moms will submit family photos as well as manuscripts.


Vittorio said...

Bella Fabrì!
Senza glutine eh..? Boh, magari sarà il tema di una futura strip...
Oggi ho ricevuto pure io il pacchetto Gelatometti, c'erano più o meno le stesse cose tue, spiccava comunque la variant cover del sommo Art Adams di Skye Runner 4 firmata da qualcuno che se tu mi dici essere Garza mi fido.
Grazie per il link!!

Anonymous said...

just a quick HI!!!.... off to work today :(
noticed michale buble on your profile, I just linked to him few days ago .."crazy little thing called love" I'm glad you commented on my blog. Hope we talk more.


per oggi ...buon sabato Fabry..

LauraBraga said...

ciao ometto!!:P
finalmente riesco a venire sul tuo blog....molto-molto interessante...mi sa che ti likero' tra i preferiti!!!

occhio alla tua voce e complimenti per lo sketch!!
molto bello!!:))


Gisella said...

Solo una cosa. Voglio vedere anch'io le meraviglie del gelatometti regalo! A dopo...


Mab the Evil said...

wow, pride of bagdad è quel bellissimo cartonato con la storia dei leoni!!
L'ho visto questo natale a Londra, ma per caso è uscito anche in Italia????


caro Fabry ...oggi ho le dichiarazioni che ha fatto il papà di Anna Tatangelo a riguardo della love story tra la figlia ed il mitico Gigi


caro Fabry ...oggi ho le dichiarazioni che ha fatto il papà di Anna Tatangelo a riguardo della love story tra la figlia ed il mitico Gigi

DaNi said...

Fab, mi passi la mail del tizio dell'alimentazione? Mi sa che l'ho persa-__- grazie!

CoralPoetry said...


Mia, Jim Hayes and Quincy all dropped by to say they are rooting for you. I agree with them - you need some hormone rooting powder for those stunted growths. Hahaha – sorry about my mangled English. I don’t speak the language either.



Fabry ..ti confesso che questi ultimi disegni mancano di profondità se ci fai caso è poco curato l'effetto chiaroscurale.eheehhe
dai scherzo...

Anonymous said...

wow!! you had that much fun to the point where you lost your voice?!? That must have been some party! Well, I'm glad you are healing!! You should drink some hot tea with honey and lemon!

I love silence!