Monday, July 21, 2008

Joyride ahaHAHAhaaHAaAHAha...

"It's all part of the plan!"

"fa tutto parte del piano!"


imp.bianco said...

... Fab... stai bene?? XD


Baol said...

Mi sa che se non becchi i biglietti per la prima succede il casino :D

Stephen Bess said...

My wife won't see this movie with me. I may have to go with my brother. How are you, bro. I like that profile picture.

Lo Sparviero said...

Fab: Lo sai che oggi forse vado a vedermi il Cavaliere Oscuro?^^

Fabrizio said...

@ Stephen:
Ehy Bro! It's always nice to see you on these page. Thesis is really absorbing me. So, as you can see, I find more confortable to blog in italian. That's faster too.
Anyway, I'm waiting for tonight to see the movie come out in Italy.
You can just guess how excited I can be... :D

@ Sparviero:
siamo in due, allora... ;)